What Arlington Residents Need To Know About Calistoga

When you’re venturing out of your hometown to an exciting new city, whether it’s for a long vacay or a quick getaway, you need to know what the best things to do on your vacation are. If you’re traveling from a big city like Arlington, VA to Calistoga, CA, this blog will be your ultimate guide.

We’ll walk you through some of the best foods to try, wines to drink, activities to engage in, where to stay and who to bring along. Sit back and read ahead.

The Ultimate Guide to Calistoga

Calistoga is a city located in the heart of Napa Valley, famous for its quaint architecture and natural attractions—and of course, wine!

A little prep goes a long way, so don’t worry about smoothening out every tiny detail. Cover the basics and get a general idea of what to do and you’re all set.

Calistoga is a fairly small city, especially in comparison to Arlington, but there’s a lot to see and do here. In fact, you can even travel around the region to see more places.

Get the right accommodation What to pack for Calistoga

First and foremost, if you’ve decided to travel to Calistoga, it’s essential to find yourself the right accommodation. For a comfortable, authentic and convenient experience during your stay, it’s best to find vacation rentals in Calistoga for Arlington travelers. You get plenty of privacy, space and freedom to settle into your vacation home as you please. Reach out to us to book a home for your trip!

What to pack for Calistoga?

Arlington can get pretty cold and residents used to it also dress for the weather. Depending on the season, keep basic vacation wear and a jacket or so that can keep you warm when it gets chilly. When you pack for a vacation to Calistoga, think about the weather and activities you wish to do.

Wine tours, for instance, require some element of dressing up and wearing a nice dress or some slacks. However, hikes and biking would call for more athletic wear. Pack a pair of sneakers that you can wear throughout the day and for your excursions.

No vacation is complete without a bathing suit either; especially since you might just get a hot-tub with your accommodation. Plus, Calistoga’s hot springs and mud-baths are world-famous!

Wine tours

Wine tours in Calistoga are a must for anyone who visits. You can book a tour through our guest services or get in touch with our in-house sommelier to know more about these, because no Wine Country experience is complete without them.

Calistoga Wine Tour Dress

Visiting important tourist spots

Calistoga has incredible tourism opportunities, including a castle, state parks, museums, farmers’ markets and much more. See what interests you and perhaps we can help you plan it out!

Excited to come to this beautiful little city? We’re equally excited to have you!