What To Do Before Kayaking the Russian River

When the Sonoma sun is shining bright, what better way to beat the heat than with a relaxing kayak down the Russian River? Lined with lush stands of the Redwood Coast and the County’s ubiquitous vineyards, the kayaking the Russian River is a must for nature lovers!

The watercourse right along the ocean is blocked from the waves allowing you to enjoy a peaceful hour in the calm water with wildlife and great views.

Correct gear and proper planning will enhance your experience on the Russian River! Here are some things that you need to consider before your Kayaking experience:

When to Go

While early autumn is equally enjoyable, sunny days offer the most ideal conditions for kayaking the Russian River. For the majority of the summer, you’ll encounter beautiful blue skies and sunshine; however, it never hurts to carry a light jacket with you.

Storms in the winter months can create strong winds and swell the river; therefore, June through September is the perfect window for your kayaking trip. However, despite the cold weather, Sonoma County offers tons of other outdoor activities that you can enjoy just as much!

What to Bring

Stock up on food and camping gear (if you wish to camp overnight) before you go kayaking. In addition to the essentials—dry clothes, sunscreen and plenty of water—remember to bring swimming gear.

From rope swings made by locals to naturally formed rocks, you’ll find several spots for a quick dip. Dry bags, binoculars and water shoes can kayaking the Russian River all the more enjoyable.

What You’ll See

Look for hawks and great blue herons in the river habitat. You may catch a glimpse of Western pond turtles, identified by their dark-patterned shells and mottled heads. Keep your eyes peeled for deer, bobcats, and even red foxes.

Don’t forget to look down in the water and find endangered Coho salmon swimming alongside rare river otters.


Who to Go With

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