What to Expect on a Hot Air Balloon Adventure

The Wine Country can be explored by bike, bus, segway or even the tuk-tuk, but none of these modes of transportation can come close to the scenic beauty of the country that you’ll enjoy—and not to mention the shots that you’ll capture—from an epic hot air balloon adventure.

So before you ride into the sunrise and appreciate the valley’s gorgeous coastline and lush rolling hills, here’s everything you’ll need to know:

What to Expect When You’re in the Air

Hot air balloon rides start early morning because that’s when the winds are the calmest. You’ll have to get up before dawn, and the best part? You’ll literally rise with the sunrise. Experience the stillness in the sky with the throttle turned down—suspended safely in a basket—is truly incredible.

Not to mention the bird’s eye view of the surrounding vineyards, orchards, oak-studded hills and crop plantings across the wine valley. The actual flight duration of your hot air balloon experience will last for roughly an hour.

Note: Hot air balloon adventures aren’t recommended for children under the age of six (or less than 48 inches in height), in addition to pregnant women or anyone who has a disability that comes in the way of standing in the basket.

When to Book

It’s not uncommon for balloon rides to get canceled due to strong winds, rain or heavy fog. Hot air balloon adventures are completely weather dependent. Your safety is our utmost priority, we’ll inform you of cancellations in the morning and with an option to rebook the ride.

Moreover, the Wine Country offers tons of other outdoor activities that you can enjoy as the result of cancellation.

Schedule your hot air balloon adventure at the trip’s start to have time to reschedule if inclement weather arises.

What to Pack

The Wine Country has chilly mornings any time of year, so wear layers for your hot air balloon ride. You’ll feel the coldest on the ground before lift-off. During the flight, however, the burners in the basket will keep you warm. Also, hats and sunglasses can help lessen the bright sunrays as your balloon rises.

And the most important item to carry: your camera, ideally with a strap—for obvious reasons.

hot air balloon

Where to Book

The Wine Stay facilitates its guests with a hot air ballooning adventure that’ll surely be a once in a lifetime experience!

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