What To Expect On Your First Wine Tour

Traveling around the world to experience different activities and cuisines is both fun and exciting. There’s always so much to learn about and enjoy; you get to meet the locals, get a chance to look at the world from their perspective, try out their food and way of living, and expand your own knowledge and personality based on what you learned.

This, of course, is a lot more meaningful when you’re visiting a place that has a lifestyle that is radically different from yours.

With ‘fast culture’ being pervasive, including our routines moving at an unbelievable pace, the ideal reprieve is a culture that is slow, mellow, and relaxing.

This can be experienced at a wine vacation. With someone of the best views, Wine Country, California is one of the best places to go for wine vacations.

Now, if you’re thinking of planning a wine vacation soon and haven’t been to a wine tour, this article will tell you what to expect and how to be prepared for the experience.

Make Sure You Make All Your Bookings Beforehand

Things go wrong on tours all the time. You get late, your ride gets delayed, places get overbooked, there could be problems with the company you’re dealing with, etc.

Even if the person on the other end is experienced and educated and has done this a million times, mistakes happen. So to be safe, it’s best to make all your bookings ahead of time and have them double-checked just to be sure.

While making your booking at a vinery, keep the time of day in mind. Sometimes, during peak hours, wine rooms get full of people and the staff isn’t able to give each guest their due attention because they’re dealing with so many things at once.

So the best time for a tour is early in the morning when you can enjoy your tour undisturbed and have the sommeliers’ full attention. This will allow you to make the best of their knowledge to expand yours.

A Good Measure—Bring Your Own Wine Box

The need to carry your own wine box varies, and largely depends on what vinery you’re visiting, if they have the wine you like,  and how accommodating they are.

If you really like a particular wine by a specific vinery, it’s best to take a bottle or two along with you when you go.

Also, purchasing wine isn’t necessary–but take it from the experts, if you really like one, you’re going to regret not purchasing it.

However, in either case, if you’re going to carry wine with you, and you don’t know if the vinery will provide one, it’s best to carry a box with you to make sure it stays safe during your visit. We recommend a Styrofoam wine carrier.

Apart from keeping your wine bottles safe, the box will also serve as a convenient place to keep your wine while in the car or on the bus.


Eat Like A Native

While most wine vacation locations are primarily famous for their wine, they are also big on food because of active and heavy tourism.

Places like Wine Country are known for their delicious meals and exquisite wine pairings that give visitors a well-rounded and complete experience.

At The Wine Stay, we don’t mind going the extra mile and assigning our guests their very own private 5-star chef so that they can enjoy great wine and awesome food while they relax and enjoy their vacation.

While on vacation in Wine Country, make sure you eat well and stay full throughout the trip. This will make sure that you don’t miss out on all the great food; it will also ensure that you don’t get too tipsy from all the wine at the tour and the tasting sessions.

Know Your ‘Type’

Ever been in a situation where you’re asked a question about yourself, but blank out the very minute the question pops up?

That happens to a lot of us.

And while most introverts hate being put on the spot, most experiences on a wine vacation will require your personal input in order for the staff to tailor your particular tours or experience according to your liking.

One of the most common questions you’ll get asked if “what kind of wine do you prefer?” We agree that it’s a hard question to answer—especially when asked all of a sudden. It’s hard to brush off the feeling that you need to sound like an expert when you’re describing it.

So remember to keep in mind the fact that staff at vineries knows that they are dealing with people who don’t know a lot about wine most of the time, so they aren’t expecting sommelier-level answers.

Something as simple as “dry wines” or “white wines” usually pass as good starting points. You could also let them know that you are open to give new tastes and flavors a whirl along with a few pointers about any particular dislikes and let them surprise you! You may come home discovering a new favorite that way!

If you don’t know the answer to that question, you can also ask them for their own recommendations.


Make Sure You Have Transportation

While luxury vacation companies like The Wine Stay provide their guests with designated drivers to take them everywhere they want to go and help them make the best of their vacation, a lot of other companies don’t.

And as discussed before, things go wrong all the time, and people get late and drivers get booked, so it’s best to book transport well ahead of time and double-check to make sure that it’s available and the booking has been made under your name.

There is nothing like a ruined trip because a driver wouldn’t show up.

Budget—Because It’s Easy To Overspend

If you’re an impulsive buyer, make sure you set your budget before you leave your resort or vacation home. At events like this, it’s very easy to overspend because of the huge variety of choices available and wines at every price that are available for purchase.

Money from small purchases, wine, and lunch can add up very quickly, and it’s best to have a plan in place to avoid ever approaching the situation.

So, ready for a wine tour?

At The Wine Stay, we make sure to include wine tours with three to four vineries, that are completely customized to guests’ choices and preferences and include our in-house sommelier.

Apart from the sommelier guided wine tours, we also make sure to entertain our guests with a range of different activities to make sure that their vacation is an adventure they will always remember. With activities like hiking, kayaking in the Russian river and organized bike tours, there is never a boring moment at The Wine Stay.

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