Why a Staycation is Better than a Vacation Abroad

The peculiar sense of freedom, not a worry in the world, massages, food and drinks, lots of gorgeous views—those are all the quintessential makings of the perfect vacation. Unfortunately, not everyone can manage to go on these lavish escapes year after year—sometimes not at all. A staycation can surprise you with more than a vacation.

There are a lot of reasons for why people aren’t able to take long, extravagant vacations to foreign lands; from money to time, there’s a lot that holds people back. To be honest, though, vacations abroad aren’t all that they seem to be.

Staycation – The Perfect Alternative to a Vacation

Not sure that this statement holds true? You’d be surprised to hear how many people feel utterly exhausted after a vacation that’s supposed to leave them rejuvenated. In truth, unless you’re filthy rich, with private jets and tons of disposable income, the perfect vacation is difficult to pull off.

Staycation or vacation?

On the other hand, staycations are the travelers’ dream. There’s so much in your own country and/or state that’s worth exploring, before you head off somewhere else. Here are some reasons why we’d pick a staycation over a vacation any day:

You actually get to rest, relax and recuperate

This is the biggest selling point of a staycation. For a multitude of reasons, including the ones below, these short trips taken to local towns and destinations allow you a chance to rest and relax. Planning a trip abroad is time-consuming, stressful and you never know what to expect.

You discover things within your vicinity

Did you know that there are incredibly breathtaking tourist spots a few towns from where you live? Or things to do across the country? If you’re seeking beaches, you’ll find dozens in your own country—just look a little harder.


Take a drip down to Wine Country and stay in a luxury vacation homes Sonoma county CA and discover everything this place has to offer—and more. Why fly thousands of miles when you can enjoy a staycation as your vacation?

It’s most cost-effective

From airfare to hotel bookings, spending money on food, transportation, shopping, travel insurance and so much more, you’re looking at a pretty hefty sum overall. In contrast to this, you’re likely to find significantly cheaper alternatives within borders, given that domestic airfare will be lower.


There’s a lot of variety in experience

Want to go hiking? Or take a hot air balloon ride? Just want to spend your time wine drunk by the pool? You can do all of this in one place, when you stay at our rental vacation homes in Healdsburg. There’s no shortage of experience wherever you go, you just need to look for the right place.