Why A Wine Vacation Is The Perfect Way To Celebrate Your First Anniversary

You’re about to complete one whole beautiful and fun-filled year of being together! So what better time to take some time off work and be together; just the two of you!

Have you thought of anything yet?

Maybe a cute surprise? Or a romantic dinner at the beach? It all seems a little been-there-done-that.

How about something a little out of the ordinary to celebrate your wholesome and fulfilling relationship?

Maybe a trip to Wine Country?

Here are all the reasons why it’s one of the best ways to celebrate your one-year anniversary!

Leisure Travel Is A Gift Well-Appreciated

Leisure travel is not only beautiful and thrilling, but it also makes for one of the finest and most thoughtful gifts you could give your partner—especially when your first year together is coming to an end and things have started getting a little routine-esque.

A leisure trip is sure to give you a much-needed break from the chaos your life has started to become and allow you time to spend alone time with your partner, toasting the beautiful year you’ve spent together.

Love And Good Wine Go Hand-In-Hand

A celebration of love doesn’t make sense if you take wine out of the equation. The perfect element of sophistication, wine lies at the center of all things happy.

Have you ever attended a wedding that doesn’t have wine or champagne? Since the Middle Ages, wine has been an important part of any occasion that involves celebrating a happy moment.

It’s a way of saying ‘cheers’ to a full year of joy, love and togetherness at a location so romantic that it almost feels magical.


Wine Country Is Beautiful (Read: Romantic)

Your first-year anniversary is supposed to be a romantic getaway, meant to revive and bring back the honeymoon phase. And what do you think of when you think of honeymoon phases?

A beautiful, romantic location!

Well Wine Country has it all. The lush green land, the beautiful vacation houses complete with indoor pools and great wine.

Convinced that you need to take your partner on wine country vacations as a toast to your one year together? Let us help you make your time off work even more magical with our luxury vacation rentals wine country at The Wine Stay in Healdsburg.

We make sure to treat our guests to a number of specialties—like private and professional massages, rejuvenating yoga and hot air balloon rides, among a number of other fun activities to deepen your bond with your partner.

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