Why Travel Is Essential For the Soul

We’ve all heard the age-old saying, “travel enriches the soul.” It’s something that people aspire and dedicate their entire lives to, wanting to see as much of the world as possible in a lifetime. There are wanderers wanting to see the world, or just cross off certain places from their bucket lists.

Why is traveling such a universal desire? Why do people from every corner of the globe hope and dream to get to places and see and experience new worlds, even if that world is only a few cities away?

How Travel Enriches Your Life

Human beings lived as nomads and wanderers for centuries before we settled into homes and colonies and cities. Our souls are still in tune with the desire to move freely, explore and see everything the world has to offer.

You don’t need to travel from one corner of the world to the other—any travel, whether it’s a staycation one town over or a month in the mountains, counts. There’s no experience too big or too small for the traveler and you definitely don’t need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every time.

Pop culture and media, including social media, have glamorized the idea of the lone traveler off on some journey of self-discovery, having one profound experience after the next—so it’s easy to feel disappointed if your experience doesn’t match that.

There’s still so much more that you can gain from traveling!

1. Traveling frees your mind

When you’re traveling, you’re automatically in a better headspace. When done right, travel becomes an escape, a route for freedom and change that your soul is desperately seeking in the midst of the 9–5 grind. When you’re disconnected from all the things that hold you back, and get to focus on things that you truly want, your mind feels rejuvenated.

You’re not just thinking in terms of strict routines, tasks, itineraries—you’re in a different zone altogether. Focus on the experience, the sensation, the location and break away from the restrictive nature of the everyday.

2. It improves your mental health

Travel has been linked to an improvement in mental health and alleviating stress and anxiety. You get to distance yourself from your environment as well as individual stressors that might be affecting your emotional and mental health.

It helps you build mental and emotional strength, boosting happy hormones and lowering stress hormones. Of course, unless you’re on an adventure, lost and alone, seeking thrills that you’ll never forget, travel should be relaxing and make it easy for you to unwind.


Imagine stretching out by the pool in a gorgeous luxury vacation rentals Sonoma county, sipping on wine, and being surrounded by your best friends. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Travel comes as a welcome break to recharge yourself and improve your mental health.

3. Tests your mind and body—and of course, soul!

It’s not just about being relaxed and happy go lucky, traveling is actually a test of your endurance. No matter how extravagant your vacation plans are, there’s always a chance that things won’t go your way. You could miss a flight, bus or train; your bag could be stolen or soaked in the rain; your hotel can be overbooked and crowded. There are hundreds of things that could go wrong when you’re traveling and that’s exactly what makes it such as test.

Your body is pushed to fight exhaustion, your mind to stay alert, your soul to soak up the experience and help you practice patience. It’s an interesting mixture of things that come your way and you can never know for sure.

4. Pushes you to move out of your comfort zone and be more confident

The reason travel is so challenging for your mind, body and soul is that it’s a step out of your routine and your comfort zone. You’re confronted with things that you wouldn’t normally do, participating in activities and adventures that would never cross your mind on a regular day. You don’t have the comfort of a familiar place, so you’re pushed to enjoy things as they are and embrace the new.

In terms of the technicalities and logistics, traveling will make you surer of yourself; whether that’s figuring out accommodation and booking the perfect wine country vacation rentals, or it’s deciding that you’re going to go out and do things that are outside your comfort zone.

5. Helps you discover your passions

Travel itself is a passion for a lot of people, however, travel can help you branch out and explore newer passions too. Whether that passion is food and wine, hiking, or just exploring new cultures, it’s what gives your life meaning.

It’s easy to lose sight of the things that fulfill your life and bring it new meaning. Putting yourself out there, exposing yourself to new—and old—sights, sounds and feelings can bring back everything you’d been missing.


It could go the other way around too, where your passions are what drive you to travel and see more of the world in their pursuit. Like a musician traveling from one place to another to learn how other cultures create music or play an instrument, trying to learn the same.

6. Traveling brings a renewed sense of self and self-discovery

Traveling can help you learn more about yourself. Being in an unfamiliar place, away from home, friends and family, can teach you a lot about your likes, dislikes, hobbies and your way of coping.

Trying new foods and activities or visiting someplace that’s unlike any other might teach you that you really love seafood but never knew; or that you’d rather live somewhere quiet than in a big city. You’d be surprised to know what travel can teach you.

7. It lends perspective and changes perceptions

Remember that time you thought Indian food smelled funny or that you could only enjoy hard liquor? Or that the life you know is all that’s worth knowing? Traveling challenges all that and forces you to reevaluate your role, presence and exposure in the world.

There’s more out there than just your immediate social circle, workplace and routine life. There are cultures and people that have a lot to offer and you’re just a cog in the wheel of some grand scheme. It’s humbling, to say the least.


8. It teaches you to live in the moment and appreciate the now

We’re all so caught up with worry about the future and fixation on the past that we don’t realize how fast the moment goes by. What’s life if you’re never really there? Living life on autopilot is the new norm; you wake up, go to work, go to class, pick up the kids, buy pet food, cook dinner, binge watch T.V., sleep—and repeat.

The small things you do partake in, you’re caught up trying to get that perfect Instagram-worthy shot. Realizing that these moments won’t come back and there’s a lot you’re missing out on can bring you back to the present like nothing else.


So, travel, get out there, and explore the world—or treat yourself to a wine and food-filled escape to Wine Country. To book a vacation home for your stay, reach out to us today!