Wine Tourism 101—6 Reasons To Become A Wine Tourist

What do you think of when you hear the word wine?

For a lot of people, wine is just a beverage they can’t celebrate a happy event without, because it makes them the perfect kind of ‘tipsy.’ But if we look deeper into its history—how it came into being and what it was used for, you’ll understand that it has a much deeper significance.

The story of wine starts way back with the ancient Greeks and their Gods.

It all began when Dionysus, the God of Fermentation and Harvest, brought down wine to people. And believe it or not, at first, they thought they were being poisoned because they had never felt anything like it before.

They felt that they were being punished for something they had done. So they prayed to the Gods for forgiveness and asked them to remove this ‘curse.’ But as time passed on, and they realized that no one was dying from it, and that it was actually kind of fun, they started appreciating it as the greatest gift ever given to humankind.

Ever since, no happy occasion is considered complete without wine. There are vineyards upon vineyards to make sure that people always have access to more wine. Moreover, people who have knowledge of wine are considered to be respectable and important.

This obsession with wine has inspired a budding industry of people who are dedicated to traveling to far off places in the hope of tasting and discovering new types of wine. This is called wine tourism, or ecotourism.

In California, wine tourism has become an activity that is substantially important to the economy; it is estimated to contribute around 2 billion dollars each year.

If you’re a person who wholeheartedly enjoys wine, and has never thought about becoming a wine tourist, this may be the year you should consider it.

Here are all the reasons why.

Admit It—Wine Is Fun

We don’t think anyone would disagree with this.

The alcohol in wine makes our brains release a chemical called dopamine—which is the body’s natural painkiller and mood enhancer. The release of dopamine sets off a chain of positive reactions in our brain and body which reflect in our actions.

Ever noticed how you’re more confident when you’re happy? How you forget about your stresses, troubles, etc., and that you don’t overthink yourself into a panic attack? Happiness also helps you react better to certain situations by helping you let go of your fears and anxieties for a while.

Wine sets off all of this positivity and channels it into your actions and reactions.

As a wine tourist, your main job will be to taste and learn about different types of wine and enjoy the delicious taste while being happy and confident and fearless.

You later get to talk to people about it, suggest the wine you tasted for different occasions, and get a better understanding and awareness about wine as a whole.

wine tasting

Wine Tourism Is An Educational Experience Of Its Own

If you’re into learning about new things, wine tourism will be right up your alley.

People tend to misunderstand wine tourism and think that it’s a trip where you go and have a bunch of wine—but that’s not the whole story.

Most wine tours are highly educational in nature and give tourists a lot to discover about wine; how the grapes are grown, how they were found, and the best wine pairings.

They get to learn about the art and science behind wine tasting, viticulture, and vinification. Wine experts offer valuable insight into how wine is made, the proper conditions for particular wine—like the soil and climate for producing different types of wine—and the role that fertilizers and spraying treatments play in wine production.

It’s A Welcome Escape From Life

Wine tourism may have all the necessary elements of fun, leisure, education, and thrill, but one of its most attractive features is that it provides a sense of escape.

Come to think of it, if you’re ever in need of an escape from anything, where are you likely to go?

The same places we think of when we imagine peace, serenity, peaceful solitude and beauty—places closer to nature! These places give us an alternate reality to experience—one that is completely different from our mundane routines.

This gives the brain the chance to think about fresher, newer things, solve new problems, register new experiences, reboot, and recharge.

This ‘escape’ benefits us in the long run by making sure we’re happier, calmer, more driven and motivated when we return home.

grapes and wine

Tons Of Networking Opportunities

Let’s say you’re the CEO of a company, or a hiring manager, or a startup founder, and you need to hire someone for your team at work.

Would you rather hire a skilled candidate you personally know to be a person of integrity and discipline, or a person of the same skill level you know nothing about?

An often overlooked part of wine tourism is the humongous amount of networking opportunities it brings with it. Wine tourism brings together groups of like-minded people who get closer and develop deep friendships and bonds over the course of the trip.

These friendships often lead to other relationships and opportunities in monetary areas like business and careers.

Meeting and connecting with new people who share similar interests also gives you a lot to learn about and new perspectives to look at life from.

Personal Growth, Charm And Attractiveness—It Pays To Be Aware

Think about the most charming and respectable people in your life. You’ll find that most people you know to be well-reputed and prominent seem to know a lot about wine.

They will know what wine goes with what meal, the best wines for celebrating different occasions, and they’ll be familiar with the art of wine tasting.

So naturally, being knowledgeable about wine makes you grow on a personal level, making you more charming and attractive as a person.

Discovering New Tastes Is Thrilling

Many wine tourists find it fun to track down and try new, exciting flavors and wines. They thrive on thinking outside the box and coming up with destinations less traveled to and taste wine made from grapes they’ve never heard of.

Wine tourism gives you a chance to drive down different lanes and find out new favorites and discover hidden gems.


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